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Knife block set are one of the most important kitchen tools.

1. Wuesthof, Classic ikon series.

The first place in our rating goes to the set of six kitchen knives in a black wooden stand from the German company Wuesthof, Classic ikon series. The advantage and benefit of these knives are that each blade is made from a single piece of high-carbon steel.

Sharpening is done by high-tech robots, and each knife is specially sharpened to keep the blade as sharp as possible. Impact-resistant polymeric plastic handles fit snugly on the wand, leaving no gaps, which hinder bacterial growth. Ikon Classic knives are modern in classic German design and quality.

2. The Gou 101 series

Secondly, a set of six kitchen knives with a magnetic base from Yaxell, one of Japan’s most famous knife makers, the Gou 101 series. The style and quality of knives from the Land of the Rising Sun need no further advertisement. The Go Set features 101 ply Damascus steel knives with SG2 steel cores. 

Thanks to the presence of a second reinforcement on the heel of each knife, the product has an excellent balance and maximum comfort when cutting. Translated from Japanese, “Go” means “excellent”, and in fact, the knives in this series cannot be called anything else!

3. TWIN 1731 set of five knives 

In third place is German brand Zwilling JA Henckels’ ebony TWIN 1731 set of five knives and knives on a stand, released to celebrate the 275th anniversary of the famous German manufacturer. The name of the series of knives includes the historic date of the Zwilling JA Henckels brand: June 13, 1731. 

The design development goes back to the famous designer and architect Matteo Tun. As a result, exquisite knives appeared in their functional features. Harmoniously combining the elegance of the classics and the style of modernity. TWIN 1731 knives are made from high-performance Cronidur 30 steel, with most of the carbon replaced by nitrogen. Which ensures unmatched blade sharpness and durability, as well as protection against wear and sticking. Is.

4. the original Run series.

Our review continues with a set of six Japanese Axial knives on magnetic backing, the original Run series. This set features 69-ply Damascus steel knives with VG-10 steel cores. The blade has a special shape that prevents damage to the product when cutting. The shape of the handle allows you to work tirelessly with the knife for a long time. “Rin” means “excellent” in Japanese and many of our customers who own these knives can attest that the name accurately captures the essence of these knives.

5. Riviera Blanc kitchen knives

Below is our successful offering of a set of four Riviera Blanc kitchen knives. And scissors in a wooden box from the Spanish manufacturer Arcos, well respected among professional chefs. The blades are made of NITRUM® forged molybdenum-vanadium steel, which has high strength and wear resistance as well as corrosion. The handles are comfortable to use and have an elegant shape and elegant design that successfully combines smooth lines and sharp contrasts.

6. West Hoff’s 200th anniversary.

The parade of achievements continues with a set of five kitchen knives, scissors, and a razor on a wooden stand to celebrate Westhof’s bicentenary. The series was released to mark West Hoff’s 200th anniversary. Heavy-duty stainless steel blades feature Rockwell hardness for excellent cutting performance. The unique ergonomic handle is made of high-strength oil-soaked rosewood, which ensures high durability and long-term hygiene during use.

7. Zwilling Pro Knife Set

Next up in our ranking is the Zwilling Pro Knife Set of Four and Knife in a Wood Rack by Zwilling JA Henckels. All components of the knife are carefully processed, and the seams on the joints are polished and hidden. There are no dents in the blade or handle where dirt can collect. 

First, the blade is ground and cleaned before it has a polished surface. The higher the polished surface of the blade, the greater the degree of wear resistance. The handle and neck are designed to completely eliminate the possibility of slipping. The ergonomic design of the handle and optimum weight ensure safety and ease of use.

8. British brand Robert Welch.

Among our ten best sellers, there’s also a brand new one: the beautiful signature knife set from British brand Robert Welch. The brand is named after its founder, Robert Welch, one of the most famous British designers, awarded the title of Royal Designer in 1965 and several other prestigious awards. 

The set includes four kitchen accessories, made from 18/10 forged molybdenum vanadium steel in a polished and concise style. The models are developed on the advice of professional chefs. So they fit comfortably in the hand and are not heavy during operation. Walnut wood built-in holder with ABS plastic stainless steel knife slots. Complete with magnets to prevent cutting-edge damage.

9. Original box

At number nine is the original box with drawers for beauty and food. Containing five knives (kitchen knife, bread knife, roast beef knife, ham knife, vegetable paring, and chopping knife) and a fork. . In wenge color. wooden support. Crafted by Del Bain, one of Italy’s leading knife makers. This artwork makes the perfect gift for those who truly love their kitchen. An additional feature of the set is the presence of a steel bracket on the stand. Which allows you to mount it on a wall or railing.

10. Victorinox kitchen knives

Finally, our ten best-sellers are completed by a set of five Victorinox kitchen knives and scissors in an original beech wood stand. Victorinox Swiss Army Knives, now known almost all over the world, have long been a true symbol of Switzerland and one of the best examples of impeccable style and quality. 

Blades made of forged steel and high-strength vanadium (X50CrMoV15) maintain their sharpness for a long time. And ergonomic acetate resin handles increase comfort and allow you to work with the knives for long periods of time without tiring. give Thanks to the beautiful stand made of natural beech wood, the knife can be placed directly on the kitchen counter. Using the handle, the stand can be easily moved and placed in an inclined position. The special nylon insert allows you to place the knives freely in the holder and also prevents the accumulation of dirt and mold.

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